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Promutuel Assurance’s computer systems are currently out of order.

Our teams are working hard to resolve the matter as quickly as possible and shed the light on the situation. More details will follow. Thank you for your understanding.

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January 15, 2021 Important Update

Following preliminary expert analysis, Promutuel Insurance wishes to inform its insured members that there is so far no reason to believe that members’ social insurance numbers (SINs), driver’s licence numbers, credit card numbers, or other banking details have been compromised.

For further details, please see the press release.

January 14, 2021 Warning against fraudulent calls

We have been advised that certain insured members have received calls from individuals claiming to be from Promutuel Insurance and requesting their banking information.

Promutuel Insurance denounces this type of fraud scheme and encourages insured members to be vigilant, refrain from providing such information, and report the call to their mutual. We have notified the police of this situation.

As announced regarding the resumption of pre-authorized debit payments, we will be sending a written notice to insured members with details on the terms and conditions.


Filing a claim

Call this number:

Contact us Contact your mutual

We have set up special phone lines to help our insured members contact us. Providing you with first-rate service and all the attentive support you need remains our priority.

Important — Please note that our phone system registers an error code for incoming calls from hidden numbers. This prevents us from retrieving your message. To ensure we can respond to or follow up on your request, please do not use a hidden number.

How to find your mutual insurance association

By its name : The name of your mutual insurance association is written on your insurance policy or your proof of auto insurance (yellow slip).

By its identification number: Your mutual insurance association’s number is part of your policy number. It is made up of the first two digits after the letter.

Do you have a broker?

If you are insured with Promutuel Insurance through a brokerage firm, please contact your broker for further details regarding your insurance.

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